Wanakafest a Success!

Nice work Wanaka for supporting this years festival about ….well about us! Such a nice celebration of Wanaka arts, sport, food, wine music and friends. Really great job Laurel, thanks! The Short [...]


For this years Wanakafest BNZ Piggies for Fashion competition we took a cubist  angle with our entry Pigasso. The pressure was on to follow up last years winning entry Piggy Van Gogh famously [...]

The Real Art Road Show

Silver Truck – Art Truck in Disguise Here at The 45th we are huge fans of the Real Art Road Show project. If you haven’t managed to catch this yet, take a look at the schedule to see when it [...]

Blow Up Your Kids!

Such a great idea for Christmas presents. Bring in pictures of your children – this can be on camera, disk, memory stick, even an actual photo. We can print them to canvas or poster paper and [...]