Hand photographed waving in the reflection of a mirror. The mirror is laying on the ground, with the sky reflected in the background.

Kia ora, Hey, Hello, 

It’s been a hot minute since our last newsletter, a few things have changed, a few things are the same.

As we enter the latter part of 2022, we continue to struggle with severe stock shortages and extended supply delays.

One of the biggest changes over the past couple months is that we have gone from a three-person team down to 2.5 persons. Jason and I are still on the tools Monday-Friday, and we welcome the return of Sharon one day a week.

This is a friendly reminder that our lead times have been largely 10-12 weeks this year. Covid has caused further delays, putting us around 10 days behind schedule as it interrupted our respective households – however, slowly but surely, we are catching up. Bear in mind our schedule is constantly shifting as we have to prioritise older jobs when delayed stock becomes available and do advise that all completion dates are an estimate.

Photograph of sticks of picture frame moulding leaning in racks. It is raw timber except for two sticks of a black ornate frame in the middle.

In line with the ever-increasing costs of raw material, labour, fuel and freight, our suppliers have implemented further price increases, effective August 1st , on all framing materials / consumables, with a second increase occurring September 1st for glazing options.

We are attempting to shoulder costs where possible but sadly pricing will be going up in line with supply. Pricing automatically pulls through from these dates and our rates will adjust accordingly. If you have a confirmed job in the system, we will hold current rates where possible.

If you are planning on submitting art to the Labour weekend exhibition and need framing done, please get this in ASAP – we are already booking into October.

The same goes for Christmas or if you are submitting an artwork to the Craigs Aspiring Art prize. Please get your work in sooner rather than later. Being a smaller team, we don’t have as many hands-on-deck and come the silly season, won’t be able to squeeze anything in once our schedule is full.

Photo of a gallery / showroom. The wall is full of various artists work in a salon style hang. There is a work table in the middle of the room with sun shining across it.

We will be holding our second annual group art exhibition November 1st. Pop this in your calendar and watch this space for further announcements.

Key dates;

  • Labour Weekend Art Exhibition: Artworks need to be in now for framing.
  • Christmas: Our books will likely close early October for our Xmas capacity. Anything brought in beyond this we won’t be able to guarantee we can complete in time or have available stock. We will monitor this and update closer to the time.
  • Craigs Aspiring Art Prize: Anything that needs framing for the Craig’s Aspiring Art Prize will also need to be brought in by early October if we are to guarantee getting this done. Our annual close down period kicks off from December 24th and all works will need to be collected before then.

Heads up – September is going to see us closed most weekends and the odd ½ day. Pick-ups will always be available throughout the week, however, due to unfortunate timing / circumstances, we are going to be short-staffed for a handful of days that will see us either closed or working behind closed doors. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.

We are extremely thankful for everyone’s ongoing kindness, patience and patronage.

Stay safe out there folks – the evenings are ever so slightly lighter and spring is in the air 🌻

E x


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