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We recently had the most extraordinary pleasure of a visit from Dean Buchanan. Dean is a well known and highly regarded New Zealand artist. He is famous for his expressionist view of the New Zealand landscape but it was his passion and tremendous personality that had us in captured.

His booming voice, interesting enunciation, lyrical vocabulary, undulation tempo and unusual lengthening of syllables had us glued for an hour and a half. This was a treat that had Sharon flying from the back room to shake his hand and humbly tell him ‘Gawd, I really love your work’.

We talked framing, mountain climbing, about his father and about being an artist. We shared Deans insight into the industry. His generosity with his works are noteworthy and we have been lucky enough to have received a large supply of his work which we are currently framing up.

Dean also sent us a recent article that was on Artsville. This feature completed captured Deans personality and lifestyle. This man loves to paint and at one point he curiously raved, “I love it…I just f****n love it!!!”

His works are vibrant and recognisable. He paints directly onto raw hessian and are generally fairly large. They depict our country side through Deans eyes – they are stunning.

We will keep you up to date with the plan for the works. Its is a real honour to have met the kiwi icon. We really enjoyed his company and enthusiasm for being a true artist. We can’t wait for him to come back. Thanks Dean