Don’t Panic. Easier said than done – however a friendly reminder coming direct from the home office (and Douglas Adams).

As many of you are well aware, the past 14 months have presented us with many challenges. 2022 thus far has offered no reprieve as we continue to experience severe stock shortages and extended supply delays. We are working hard to try and mitigate these issues by ordering in bulk, however delays are difficult to predict and we are finding timelines can change unexpectedly.

Bearing this in mind, we are advising a minimum 8-12 week turn-around. Plan well in advance if you have any up-and-coming key dates and be prepared to choose multiple framing options so we have a back up to work with if your original choice is delayed / unavailable.

Our working schedule is constantly shifting as we have to prioritise older jobs as delayed stock becomes available. All completion dates are an estimate.

We’ve all seen the news; with a 4,9% increased inflation rate, the rising cost of raw product, materials, fuel and freight are continuing to affect us all. While we have attempted to shoulder costs where possible, unfortunately we are at a point we can no longer absorb the escalating rates. As of March 1st we will be seeing price increases varying from 5-30%  being implemented by our suppliers. Pricing will automatically pull through from this date and our rates will be adjusted accordingly.

We understand this may be tough for our regular clients, so please reach out if you require updated figures for your records.

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With covid-19 and Omicron well and truly in the community, the safety of our staff, customers and community is paramount. We will be working slower as we adhere to Covid-19 protocols which may involve staff taking time to isolate / get tested. The crew are doing their best to get work completed in a timely manner, but as a business, we will always prioritise the wellbeing of our staff, customers and community.

We have opted not to enforce the vaccine pass on our premises. However, we ask you continue to wear a mask (unless exempt), scan in and adhere to physical distancing. If you feel at all unwell, please postpone your visit. We are happy to coordinate contactless delivery or collection for anyone uncomfortable coming on-site – 03 443 9348.

Covid-19 continues to impact on our business, your businesses, and the world. We greatly appreciate your continued support and patience as we deal with demand & supply.



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